November 29, 2011

Black, Asian, minority ethnic communities and inner city riots

The following speech was delivered at the “Beyond the Unrest – Community Safety & Civil Society” seminar, promoted by the BME Leadership & Engagement project, on November 29th, 2011. The subject I have been asked to address […]
November 26, 2011

Riots: The People, the State and the Media

Prof. Gus John gave the keynote address at the Media and the Riots Conference’s Big Debate event on Saturday, November 26th, 2011, at the London College of Communication. The full text of his speech: I thank Marc Wadsworth and his team for […]
November 8, 2011

Forging a Future for Young People in London

The following speech was delivered at the “Young People and Opportunity: a Vision for London” conference, promoted by the Institute of Education, on November 8th, 2011. In 2005, as part of the Canada-UK Colloquium on cities and […]
November 1, 2011

Eulogy to Geraldine Roxanne Connor

I feel deeply honoured to have been asked by Geraldine’s family to deliver this eulogy. I have undertaken many an assignment in my day, but none with such foreboding as this.  For, how does one do justice […]
August 13, 2011

Open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron

This open letter was sent to the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, on August 13th, 2011. Dear Prime Minister, I write as someone whose contribution for more than four decades to the struggle for quality schooling and […]
July 4, 2011

Letter to Rt Hon Theresa May MP

The following letter was sent to Rt Hon Theresa May MP (by then, Home Secretary in David Cameron’s Cabinet), on July 4th, 2011.  Dear Home Secretary, Call for a People’s Inquiry into Gun and Knife Killings in […]
June 18, 2011

Launching ‘The Case for a Learner’s Charter for Schools’

The launch event of “The Case for a Learner’s Charter for Schools” was hosted by the National Union of Teachers on 17 June 2011. In his presentation, professor Gus John passionately explained the importance of keeping children at […]
March 29, 2011

Grenada Peace Centre Proposal (Addendum)

The following project was sent to the Government of Grenada on March 29th, 2011. On 3rd January 2011, while on an assignment in Lagos, Nigeria, I sent Senator Arley Gill a proposal for the establishment of a […]
February 21, 2011

African Diaspora’s programme of action: economic cooperation

The following paper was submitted to the African Diaspora’s Technical Committee of Experts, which met in Pretoria, South Africa, on February 21st, 2011.  Preamble Following the report the rapporteur for the Economic Cooperation break out group gave to […]
February 7, 2011

A letter to U.S. President Barack Obama

The following letter was sent to U.S. President Barack Obama on February 7th, 2011. Fraternal greetings from a son of the African Diaspora and I wish you the Creator’s abiding blessings, guidance and protection. I note with […]
January 3, 2011

Fort George as the Historic Site of the October 1983 Massacre

The following project was sent to the Government of Grenada on January 3rd, 2011. The massacre of members of the Grenada Government and citizenry on Fort Rupert on 19 October 1983 and especially the fact that those […]

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