What did the Iron Lady do for us?

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On April 15th, Vox Africa kindly invited me to take part in their flagship programme “Shoot the Messenger“, where we discussed Baroness Thatcher’s legacy. I was joined in studio by former Mayor of London’s Wandsworth Borough, Chief Lola Ayorinde, and by the Calypsonian artist Alexander D Great.

On the first part of the programme, we reviewed the week’s papers:


On the second part of the programme, Chief Lola Ayorinde and I had a heated debate about the legacy of Baroness Thatcher:


And, on the third part of the programme, Alexander D Great shared his thoughts on Baroness Thatcher through some of his songs:



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Picture (home): “Maggie Thatcher 1977” by rollingstone6 (Flickr – BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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