School Exclusion Ruins Lives. No Excuses!

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On May 16th, professor Gus John will deliver the keynote address at the “School Exclusion Ruins Lives.  No Excuses!” conference.

The event, organised by the Communities Empowerment Network (CEN), aims to give a response to the recommendations outlined by CSJ ‘No Excuses’ report (dated September 2011) and the Children’s Commissioner School Exclusions Inquiry.

The Lilian Baylis Technology School, in London, will host the event. 



9.30 Introduction – Professor Gus John (Chair of CEN) and Gerry German (CEN Director)

10.00 A review of the CSJ report: ‘No Excuses’. Adele Eastman of the Centre for Social Justice

10.20 Q &A

10.30 Gary Philips Head of Lilian Baylis Technology School, Lambeth.

10.50 Q & A

11.00 BREAK

11.15 The reality for parents at the sharp end of school exclusions – Dianna Crouch of Black Parents Network

11.35 Q & A

11.45 The need for advocacy services – Professor Carl Parsons, University of Greenwich

12.05 Q & A

12.15 LUNCH

1.00 ROUND TABLE TOPICS (15 minutes each)

How do we ensure parents receive adequate representation, support and advice? Gerry German (CEN Director)

Use and implementation of Restorative Justice. Adrian Eaves (CEN RJ Trainer and Facilitator)

Building capacity and partnership working. Professor Gus John (Chair of CEN)

Alternatives to exclusion. Professor Carl Parsons (University of Greenwich)

Effective reintegration and mentoring following exclusion. Paulette D. (CEN Advocate) and Janet R. (CEN Mentor)


2.30 BREAK

2.45 Dame Maggie Atkinson – a review of her inquiry into School Exclusions

3.05 Q & A

3.15 PLENARY Gerry German and Professor Gus John

3.45 END

For more information about the CEN, you can always visit their website.

Picture (homepage): Fenton Classroom, by Wolfram Burner (Flickr)

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