June 6, 2014

Barbados Remembers Winston Best

Barbados paid tribute to Athelston Winston Best at a memorial service held at the Clifton Hill Moravian Church, St Thomas, on Thursday 5th June 2014 at 3.30pm. Winston Best passed on at Whipps Cross Hospital at 7.00pm on […]
June 3, 2014

The SRA responds to Independent Comparative Case Review Report

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has published its response to my ICCR report which it published in March 2014 and committed itself to taking action to tackle disproportionality in regulatory action and outcomes for BME solicitors. Outlining the range […]
June 3, 2014

Margaret Busby on Sam Greenlee

I have been struggling to find words worthy enough to express my gratitude to Margaret Busby for her obituary on Sam Greenlee. I suppose that like me, most people’s only mental and lived association with Greenlee is […]
May 15, 2014

Professor Emeritus Norman Girvan (1941- 2014)

It is with great sadness that I learnt in April of the passing of a great comrade and friend, Professor Norman Girvan. I had just finished conducting the funeral of another life-long comrade and friend, Winston Best, […]
May 1, 2014

Stomping the Moral High Ground

On 21 February 2014, I submitted to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) my report of the independent comparative case review they had commissioned in 2012 with the following terms of reference: “to identify whether there is disparity […]
March 29, 2014

A tribute to Athelston Winston Best

It is impossible to speak or write about the British schooling system and its engagement with the post-war Black presence these last 50 years without calling the name, Winston Best, over and over again.  Without doubt, Winston […]
March 18, 2014

Independent Comparative Case Review published

In 2013, the report of the most comprehensive review of Legal Education and Training (LETR) for 30 years was published.  That report was commissioned by the Bar Standards Board (BSB), the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and the […]
March 8, 2014

Policing by contempt

So, finally the home secretary is ordering a judge-led inquiry into the activities of undercover police and their corrupt practices. We in the black community have argued since the 1960s that there is a thin dividing line between […]
February 6, 2014

Independence in Schooling, Except from Gove!

There is a stirring in the soul of Michael Gove that does not augur well for the nation’s children and the schools to which parents are legally bound to send them. The Secretary of State appears to want […]
January 23, 2014

Forward Ever: The Killing of A Revolution

On 25 October 1983, Ronald Reagan sent 8,000 members of the US Armed Forces to invade Grenada, an island with a population of just over 100,000 people, in an operation which he named ‘American Fury’. It is an […]
January 11, 2014

Guns, Young Black Males and the Two-Headed Monster

The Mark Duggan inquest verdict has stoked deep seated anger about the now familiar pattern of no criminal prosecutions being brought against those responsible for the deaths of black people while in the custody of the state. […]
January 7, 2014

Making the future we face the future Britain we want

In 1970, a full thirty years before The Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain, sponsored by the Runnymede Trust and Chaired by Professor Bhiku Parekh published its report (which was speedily buried by the British establishment), […]

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