African Diaspora Day celebrated in the UK

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On July 6th, professor Gus John will take part in the African Diaspora Day celebrations, by speaking at a symposium organised by Africa UK.

The African Diaspora Day has been observed in the UK by the African Diaspora since 2003. Its aim is to celebrate the contributions of UK-based Africans to the UK and to Africa.

This year, Africa UK (part of the Common Ground Initiative) will host a symposium and a reception in Kensington’s Town Hall. Professor Gus John is among the speakers invited to join the event.

Event details:

6.30pm – 7.30pm: African Diaspora Day Symposium;

Theme: Ensuring the democratic participation of UK Africans in the African Union;

Benefits of attending:

– Network with other members of the African Diaspora and Friends of Africa and VIPs;

– Learn about the Global African Diaspora Summit in South Africa in May and the five legacy projects: skills database; creation of a Volunteer Corps; the African Diaspora Investment Fund; the establishment of a Development Market place; development of the African Remittances Institute.

7.30pm – 10pm: Reception

Speaker: Professor Gus John, member of the African Union’s Technical Committee of Experts working on the modalities for reunifying Africa with its Global Diaspora.

Note: If you would like to attend the event, please RSVP to:

Picture: “African Flag Day” by woodleywonderworks (Flickr)

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